Brooklyn, NY
December, 2015

Kinetic light installation.
Wood, Plexiglass, aluminium,
trasparent mirror

The missing apex is the missing crown of the Great Pyramid, known to be a real part of the machine. Representing the effort to reconstruct the lost wisdom of this paleo high civilization, the symbol has inspired the centerpiece of this massive ceiling installation, which has been collecting the higher thoughts of thousands of sound enthusiasts who have danced under its field.

Permanent LED installation
built for the artist's new creative space,
The Fifth House.


Istanbul, Turkey

Work in public space
Public Art Work and Event Location
Printed vinyl, wood, LED, metal, acrylic.

Maze is a 40 meter labyrinth installation, built as a site specific work within the tunnel beneath the Galata Bridge, of Istanbul. The labyrinth itself includes numerous rooms acting as a multi-container, housing multiple separate interaction-based works: Cube, (installation), Fragile (digital interactive piece) and Confessional Booth, (situation/relational work) in addition to a bar space used to house particular events and artists performances.

Built under one of Istanbul’s busiest bridges, the Maze invites the public to discover a variety of interactive experiences, aloneness and connectivity at their own pace, with the aim to facilitate “getting lost within one’s own experience”. Focusing on opening up an autonomous space - the interaction and depth of immersion is based entirely upon each individuals level of inquisition.

An element of the Maze: Cube, is an installation of a room with a sloped floor and ceiling leading to it, referencing an Alice in Wonderland experience - perception and sense bends once the structure of the room is altered out of ordinary dimensions. Optical patterned walls are illuminated by a backlit LED construction. Changing colors of the LED lighting alter the perception of depth, further disorienting inhabitants.

Interactive midi and motion sensitive LED installation; Fragile features a virtual keyboard constructed of acrylic profiles informed by the shape of a sound wave. Participants trigger warm melodies, chimes and bell sounds in synchronicity to patterns of light, creating their own discourse within the space.

The Confessional Booth is a section of the larger maze accessed from alternate sides of the labyrinth. The structure of the room invites participants to partake in interactions or conversations with strangers, fostering connection without structures of moral and ethics being connected to their identity, as in the traditional structure of a church confessional booth. No imagery is present in the room, simply a chair, a darkened space and a small hole connecting the two spaces.

Appearances: ‘It’s Istanbul’, Galata Bridge,
Istanbul, Turkey.



Interactive Sound and Light Installation

Installed within a darkened passageway of an optically skewed Labyrinth, participants encounter Fragile through first navigating the larger work: Maze. Constructed of transparent acrylic profiles in an arrangement representative of sound-waves, Fragile is a playable instrument, with its playing field disembodied from physical structure.

Programmed to respond to movement, the virtual keyboard is realized through an infrared camera, allowing interaction with lights and sounds via simple and delicate movements, as if a player would be standing by a real keyboard or xylophone. Fingertips passing through the precisely mapped active fields of space directly in front of the installation, trigger different notes and color to appear. Participants trigger warm melodies, chimes and bell sounds in synchronicity to changes in hue and intensity of the lighting source, culminating in flickering patterns of light from this virtual instrument.

The interactive nature of the installation; responding to instances of sound from the audience as well as movement; transcends boundaries between viewer and work, and acts as an instrument within the installation space. An instrument which can be played in realtime through parameters set by the artist.

Appearances: In combination with Maze
Galata Bridge Istanbul, Turkey, 2015



Mobile Interactive Audiovisual Installation

The second iteration of The Introspectacular series, The Introspectular (Europe) immerses inhabitants inside the illusion of a wide, illuminated cave. Rebuilt with further advanced interactivity; the installation responds to sound as well as movement, transcending boundaries between viewer and work.

Realised within intimate space, through the use of infinitely reflected LED lights: The Introspectacular Europe immediately disassociates it’s inhabiter from all connection to the external environment, triggered into response by the sound of incoming guests.

Webs of culminating light appear and disappear within an infinite encasing landscape, where the viewer and the art work are intrinsically connected.

Hypnotic light patterns and warm melodies emerge in abstract narratives, triggered by interactions of the inhabitant with the space. Through waves of light and soft bell sounds, participants are invited to reach introspective states.

Touring internationally alongside the live tour for the album The Way We Live (Released: Wolf + Lamb, 2012); performance and installation have been separated to dedicate a fully immersive space of sound and light. The Introspectacular (Europe) featured a ‘virtual’ keyboard realized through an infrared camera, allowing interaction with lights and sounds via simple and delicate movements. Fingertips passing through precisely mapped and active fields of space trigger different notes and colors to appear.

The Introspectacular (Europe) has been presented as the sole itinerant installation included in the 16th edition of  "Luci d'Artista" (Artist Lights), hosted by the City of Turin, Italy. Instigated as a solo exhibition at Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana in Turin, Italy in June 2013, The Introspectacular journeyed through the city.


2 x 4m enclosed trailer,
transparent mirror, wood, metal, fabric, LED, computer,
midi controller, motion tracking equipment.

The installation was displayed in 11 different locations over a period of three months, one of which being the Parco della Tesoriera; which is host to the city’s Public Music Library. Here, the artist’s album “The Way We Live” was catalogued by the Library as the first electronic music album to be added to their collection.

The mobile nature of this installation enabled the "Luci d’Artista" festival, usually confined to the city centre, to be more accessible to the public. Being exhibited in the outskirts of the city in addition to the centre; The Introspectacular Europe reached more than 10,000 members of the city’s public.


Jun 2013 - Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, Turin, IT
Jun 2013 - Bunker, Turin, IT
Sep 2013 - Elita Festival, Milan, IT
Sep 2013 - Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, FR

Nov 2013 - Jan 2014 - Luci D'Artista Festival, Turin, IT:
Torino Cinema Museum, Mole Antonelliana
Torino Music Library, Parco della Tesoriera
Paratissima festival, Piazza Galimberti,
Mercato di Via Cesare Pavese, Largo Saluzzo,
Rotonda di Via Frejus, Mercatino di Piazza Borgo Dora,
Parco Rignon, Piazza Carlo Alberto,
Piazza Chiesa della Salute, Piazza Bottesini


New York, US

Clear plexi,LEDs, wood

Heaven is a formation reminiscent of an abstract staircase, installed on and around the ceiling of the Marcy Hotel dance floor.

Swirling, pulsating, crossfading; windows of luminous color induce hypnotic moods and engagement. From the time of its conception, Heaven remained a permanent installation at Marcy Hotel from 2006 to 2014, after which the Marcy Hotel moved to the Fifth House and became Marcy North.