New York

Immersive Light Installation
LEDs, transparent mirror, barber chair, wood.

Loops of hypnotic rhythmic narratives of light, emerging in intimate darkness; build in intensity, lulling the attendee/wearer into a meditative state.

Immersive and intimate; Head Dresser, offers a completely private treatment for the mind. Upon taking the seated position and ‘wearing’ the installation: multi coloured pulses of light slowly and rhythmically begin to lull each viewer further ‘out’ into the perceived visual depth amongst reverberated reflections of the now abstract LED reflected patterns.

Building upon concepts first worked with through Augenblick; Eternal reoccurrence and the geometry of reflections, Head dresser manages to again transform what in physical form remains a seemingly non-complex structure, this time using angled surfaces, and experimenting with geometrical puzzles.

Interested in the organic formula of matter and light, Head Dresser shies away from Virtual Reality to pay homage to the visually endless expanse of space and multi-dimension we have all around us, upon illumination.

As the name suggests, and barber’s chair references; Head Dresser offers everyday treatments for pushing the boarders of perception.

Exhibited in conjunction with a research conference on consciousness, Head dresser provided a hypnotic place of self discovery and was highly received and appreciated by the general public, willing to find an oasis for the Self.

Horizons: Contemporary Perspectives on Psychedelics
Judson Memorial Church, New York, US