Born in Izmir, Turkey, Deniz Kurtel received her undergraduate degrees in Economics and Sociology from Georgetown University, her graduate degrees in Policy Analysis from New York University and in Quantitative Methods from Columbia University.

Quickly after she completed her studies she turned her attention to LED art. Her installations are mostly in the form of interactive light sculptures involving LEDs and mirrors. Her work has been the centerpiece of countless Wolf+Lamb events in Brooklyn, and has appeared in various art festivals and exhibitions such as Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts, Horizons NY, Love’s Secret Domain, New York School of Visual Arts Open Studio, Burning Man Festival, Rabbit Hole, Art Basel Miami, and London Design Week.

In 2009 Deniz started producing electronic music and since the release of her first album “Music Watching Over Me” in 2011 she has toured the world with her live shows, bringing her LED art and musical talent together. For her first album tour, Deniz built a LED stage installation that she programmed to respond to her music. Since then, she has developed this technique further into a fully interactive LED installation, “The Introspectacular” that she built inside a trailer and drove across the USA for her second album “The Way We Live” in April 2012. In 2013, she built a second version of this project in Europe integrating a virtual keyboard, and continued touring with it until the project got recruited by the Luci d'Artista Festival in Turin, Italy.  In late 2015, she launched an art and music space called the Fifth House in Brooklyn, New York.

Currently Deniz is working on the next phase of her interactive LED art, which has movement interacting with sound, as well as light. She is also performing experimental studies on plants, pyramids, biomagnetism and acutonics.