Fifth House

2015 - present

An ever-evolving creative project, The Fifth House is where Deniz’s many artistic endeavors join under one banner.
Conceived from the astrological concept that life emanates from twelve terrains of experience; The Fifth House is the house of pleasure associated with creative expression and true love. “The Fifth House” also gave its name to Deniz’s Brooklyn creative space, which she launched in late 2015. Deniz’s Fifth House exists as a haven for Marcy parties, exhibitions, live music, cultural talks, music lessons, record swaps and much more.

As part of the artist most recent live performance, The Fifth House also offers new and exciting ways to interact with her music. This involves new light shows of ever-greater scale and complexity as well as an updated version of The Introspectacular’s interactive virtual keyboard.

As The Fifth House grows, any new project can be counted on to contain the same high quality and deeply innovative spirit that has always defined Deniz’s work.