Istanbul, Turkey

Interactive Sound and Light Installation

Installed within a darkened passageway of an optically skewed Labyrinth, participants encounter Fragile through first navigating the larger work: Maze. Constructed of transparent acrylic profiles in an arrangement representative of sound-waves, Fragile is a playable instrument, with its playing field disembodied from physical structure.

Programmed to respond to movement, the virtual keyboard is realized through an infrared camera, allowing interaction with lights and sounds via simple and delicate movements, as if a player would be standing by a real keyboard or xylophone. Fingertips passing through the precisely mapped active fields of space directly in front of the installation, trigger different notes and color to appear. Participants trigger warm melodies, chimes and bell sounds in synchronicity to changes in hue and intensity of the lighting source, culminating in flickering patterns of light from this virtual instrument.

The interactive nature of the installation; responding to instances of sound from the audience as well as movement; transcends boundaries between viewer and work, and acts as an instrument within the installation space. An instrument which can be played in realtime through parameters set by the artist.

In combination with Maze
Galata Bridge Istanbul, Turkey, 2015