Light-Sensitive Land Art
Mylar, phosphorescent paper, aluminium, wood.

Situated in the expansive plains of the Black Rock Desert, Plerion (derived from the Greek "πλήρης", pleres, meaning "full") is an ocean of gliterring pinwheels, installed during Burning Man, 2007.

Plerion's expanse is immersive, delivering the audience into a realm of a visual and aural organic chattering.

Each handcrafted pinwheel made of phosphorescent paper is working to absorb sunlight. Upon sundown, when the desert is cloaked in darkness, a field of shimmering floating objects appear, emitting sounds mimicking hundreds of scattered beetles - a forest of auditory abundance within the arid desert landscape.

The objects are placed in alternating directions, making it optimal for each windmill to pick up a different direction of wind. This Installation is connected specifically to its landscape - being propelled by wind and charged by sunlight.

Plerion is a further study into the similar techniques used in Solitary Confinement, upscaled (built with over 1,000 pinwheels) and moved from a gallery setting to a public space, where the illusion of a field of pinwheels becomes reality.

Black Rock Desert
Burning Man Festival, Nevada, US

August, 2007