New York

Light Sculpture
LED, transparent mirror, rubber, acrylic, wood

Exhibited in pure darkness, Augenblick is a stand-alone cube structure, constructed of transparent mirrors, lined internally with LED lights which upon a closer look with the cube, move in Illuminating waves of neon: creating an illusion of undulations though vacant, space-less tunnels. Augenblick offers viewers a chance to travel towards endless depths into absent spaces.
Within it’s simplicity and pure design is Augenblick’s inherent power. A simple 12” cube structure becomes upon illumination, a visually endless expanse of space and multi-dimension.

Inspired by the concept of Eternal Reoccurrence; the idea that with infinite time and a finite number of events, events will recur again and again infinitely, without beginning, end, or center.

Informed by a study into abstract mathematics; Augenblick marks the first installation where light is being used as experimentation through reflection, to explore geometric and philosophical phenomena.
Constructed of transparent mirrors and pulsating linear arrangements of LED lights, illuminated passageways are drawn out from an imaginary space - darkness and reflections stretch out forming an intangible abyss within the cube structure.

Exhibited originally within a showcase of artists supported by Wolf + Lamb, Augenblick was first on display inside art-club 12-turn-13, New York, during a Wolf + Lamb event in 2006. Augenblick was further invited to be exhibited at Point.B Studio, Brooklyn, NY.

Premiere Exhibition:
Wolf + Lamb Showcase
New York
November 2006