Introspectacular US


Mobile Interactive Sound and Light Installation

The first iteration of The Introspectacular series, The Introspectacular US, uses LED light and transparent mirror create infinite reflection, immediately dislocating inhabitants from all connections to the external environment. Upon entering the 6’x12’ enclosed trailer through a velvet curtain, prisms of blossoming light diffused into channelled beams creep towards an observer, simultaneously extending infinite distances towards abstract horizons. Encased within pitch- blackness, a visually rhythmical illuminated landscape emerges.

Offering a place of self discovery, immersion and interaction in a semi-controlled melodic and calming environment, The Introspectacular US offers a chance to find ones own interior spaces within a presumably saturated public environment.

The live tour for the album ‘The way we live’ (Released: Wolf + Lamb, 2012); separated performance and installation in an experimental process to draw individuals out of the extraversion that club environments cultivate and into an introspective environment: The Introspection, spectacular.

The Introspectacular US had its premiere exhibition during Art Basel Miami; installed inside the backyard of Miami's arts-centric club, The Electric Pickle, and has subsequently toured across the United States.

Premiere Exhibition
Art Basel Miami
The Electric Pickle
December, 2011

USA Road Tour
“The Way We Live”
Miami / Washington, DC / Philadelphia / New York / Detroit / Boston / Chicago / Boulder / San Francisco /  Los Angeles / San Diego
April, 2012

Marcy North Opening at the Fifth House, New York
September, 2015